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Intertape 6910 Duct Tape TAPE ALL PRPS SLVR 1.88INX10YD Scotch 1110-C Core Duct Tape
Poly-coated cloth backing with a very aggressive adhesive that bonds to almost any surface. Good conformability. Water and tear resistant. For temporary repairs and quick fixes around the house, garden or garage. With its high adhesion and easy-to-tear application, this tape is great for holding, seaming, sealing and bundling. Its strength and conformability makes this tape ideal for those difficult DIY or construction projects that involve corners, bends and curves. Ideal for use on a wide variety of repairs or fixes around the home, office or school. For repairs in and around the house, shop and jobsite.
Intertape 9602 Duct Tape TAPE DUCT TO-GO GORILLA 30FT