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Intertape 6910 Duct Tape TAPE ALL PRPS SLVR 1.88INX10YD Scotch 1110-C Core Duct Tape
Intertape Duct Tape, Series: 6910, 1.87 in Width, 10 yd Length, Poly Coated Cloth Backing, For Indoor and Outdoor Scotch Duct Tape, Core, Series: 1110-C, 1.88 in Width, 10 yd Length, Gray Tape, For Holding, Securing, Bundling, Temporary Repairs, Regripping Handles and Reinforcing
Intertape 9602 Duct Tape TAPE DUCT TO-GO GORILLA 30FT  Scotch 1210-A Pro Strength Duct Tape